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Yoga for Peace in Lebanon

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“Peace begins with a smile”

In an unprecedented and intensifying flood, 60 million people around the world have become refugees, often escaping war in places like Afghanistan Sudan, Syrian and now Myanmar. Of these as many as 50% suffer from trauma and mental health problems.

To respond to this need, Tools for Inner Peace has focused on offering free refugee yoga classes. Our first classes for refugees were launched in London in 2016; from the beginning of 2017 we decided to take this work to Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Lebanon is the country that currently hosts the greatest number of refugees per capita anywhere in the world. Besides half a million Palestinian refugees and several hundred thousand Iraqis and Yazidis, the war in neighbouring Syria has sent another 1.5 million refugees seeking safety in Lebanon.

Yoga is a simple, cheap and effective means of trauma recovery. It soothes the nervous system; relaxes the body and mind; and brings peace and inner clarity. Those we work with – whether in London or in Lebanon – are finding solace in yoga. Their open smiles at the end of each class testify to the benefits. Here is how a refugee from Afghanistan described her experience of this summer’s Restorative Retreat for refugee women:

I tried yoga for the first time in my life. Every moment was full of joy. I learned how to go deep inside my brain and soul and search for the peace of my mind.

To expand this work and make yoga accessible to refugees everywhere, we need your help, whether in donations or by giving your time volunteering.

In Lebanon, our Yoga for Peace work with Syrian refugees is in its third year. We are stepping up our ‘training of trainers’ to be able to hand over to local yoga instructors to keep the project growing and make it sustainable. In this phase, the emphasis is on identifying future teachers who are committed to spreading yoga to those most in need of it.

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