What is Giving Tuesday?

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Involve your Customers

Show your customers (or your fans or your supporters) that you care about making this world a better place to live in. Here are some ideas for how you can reach out to your customers and join the #GivingTuesdayLebanon movement:

If your company runs an e-commerce website, it can enable a Check-out Charity option. This will allow customers to add a %, for example, for a cause on every transaction that takes place during December 3, 2024.

You can sell products for a cause at a discounted price to your customers.

You can run ads/banners inviting funds for an NGO on your App, and share notifications related to the same.

You can encourage customers to share a giving-related story on social media on December 3, 2024 by adding â€˜#GivingTuesdayLebanon’ and #MyGivingStoryLebanon to the post. Or they can submit stories on My Giving Story

You can share Random Acts of Kindness ideas with customers. (Examples: Tell a security guard how valuable they are. Pay for the coffee/parking for the person behind you.)

You can request your customers to take part in showing their love to our dear Lebanon in the #LoveLebanonChallenge where you could be featured on this site & on our social media channels!

Consider GivingTuesday for your organization and how you, your customers (or donors) and society can benefit

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