What is Giving Tuesday?

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Are you a person or a group or a team or a family? Then you’re in the right place!
Let us empower you with superpowers of giving!


You can be part of Giving Tuesday

Join the millions of people around the world doing something on Giving Tuesday to support their favorite cause.
It’s entirely free and inclusive and you can do it without cost like a prayer, a note of thanks or vocal support!

How you show your support is up to you.

You can do so much!

campaign for something you believe in
organize a fundraising event

Create & explore crowdfunding opportunities too!

Fundahope - the Lebanese fundraiser and our strategic partner, is the place where you can publish your campaigns under the category: GivingTuesdayLebanon. tarting a campaign on fundahope is simple: We first need to collect few documentation to verify your identity and your campaign details including title, picture, goal and description. Once submitted, we will review your request fast and post your campaign online in no-time!

arrange a donation drive at among your friends
the list really is endless…

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Other ways to help
Most are free!

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