Support with your Voice

You’ve got the power and the passion to transform your community but not the finances? No problem, by lending our voice to advocate for the causes and issues we care about, we can all be activists who affect the kind of change that makes our Lebanon a better place. Send a prayer, a note of support, a letter of thanks or a simple encouragement; it can go a long way!

Don’t forget that you can make some of the most meaningful change within your own local community without expense.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps: Doing good was never this simple!

Share that you’re joining Giving Tuesday, how you’re planning to give back, or a cause/non-profit you’re supporting.
Add the hashtags #givingtuesday #givingtuesdaybeirut #givingtuesdaylebanon to your posts.
Post on all your social media channels to rally your friends & family as to all be a part of GivingTuesday.

Consider being part of the following initiatives:
Charitable Events Calendar
Empty your shelves
Gallery of Generosity
Love Lebanon Challenge
Random acts of Kindness
Share your giving stories

Other ways to help

Most are free!

Here are some more ideas – select your profile:
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Are you a business? Click here

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