What is Giving Tuesday?

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Be part of a global campaign for good

Join the thousands of businesses around the world who are using Giving Tuesday to celebrate and encourage giving.
It’s entirely free and inclusive!

By getting involved you can inspire your employees and customers to be a force for good. Together you can make a world of difference.
Giving Tuesday is a perfect opportunity for businesses like you to celebrate your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) achievements over the past year, to really shout about them.
It’s also a great way to drive employee engagement in your CSR programs.
Do you want your customers to your company? Here’s your chance!

Some global companies engaged with Giving Tuesday Global

You can use Giving Tuesday to highlight all the amazing things your employees do to support good causes through your payroll giving or volunteer day schemes.

Giving Tuesday is a global campaign, now running in over 80+ countries worldwide. If you are a business with or without an international reach, why not use Giving Tuesday to engage your offices and collectively celebrate doing something good.

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You can use the campaign to launch something new; a new CSR program, a new charity partner or a new way of giving.

Create & explore crowdfunding opportunities too!

Fundahope - the Lebanese fundraiser and our strategic partner, is the place where you can publish your campaigns under the category: GivingTuesdayLebanon. tarting a campaign on fundahope is simple: We first need to collect few documentation to verify your identity and your campaign details including title, picture, goal and description. Once submitted, we will review your request fast and post your campaign online in no-time!

Giving Tuesday is an internationally recognized of the celebrated generosity movement; why not shine a spotlight on your generosity by connecting with the campaign?

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