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Food Blessed

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Confidence Center, Ground Flr. Youssef El Hayek St. Sin El Fil. Facing Sin El Fil Municipality, Beirut, Lebanon

FoodBlessed is a pioneering HUNGER-RELIEF and FOOD-RESCUE non-profit organization in Lebanon led by a group of passionate volunteers driven by the need to reduce the number of people going hungry, while making sure no good food goes to waste.

Established in 2012, FoodBlessed is the only COMMUNITY-BASED and VOLUNTEER-DRIVEN organization that works with the civil society and strategic partners to tackle food insecurity, food waste, and social isolation in Lebanon.

To this end, FoodBlessed’s main activities include preparing hot meals, assembling food parcels, holding community awareness sessions, and hosting food drives.
FoodBlessed also recovers surplus edible food from social functions and excess/close-to-expiry products across Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and retail companies that would otherwise go to waste. The food collected is then distributed in the form of free meals to underprivileged communities regardless of their race, age, skin colour, ethnic background, sexual orientation and gender identity and to food banks and local charities across Lebanon.
FoodBlessed believes that food is a vital tool to supporting our local communities, bringing us together and connecting us as human beings. That’s why, in addition to providing food assistance to those in need and diverting food waste from ending up in landfills, FoodBlessed utilizes food to build communities, tackle loneliness and provide spaces for people from different backgrounds and walks of life to meet and to make friends.

MISSION AND VISION – FoodBlessed firmly believes that food is a vital tool to supporting local communities, bringing people together and connecting us as human beings. That is why, in addition to feeding empty bellies, we also use food to build communities, tackle loneliness, and provide spaces for people from different backgrounds and walks of life to meet, share, and to make friends.

By nourishing and uniting communities across Lebanon through the power of food, social responsibility and volunteerism, FoodBlessed aims to create a cultural shift that supports people’s right to food, raises community awareness about food waste; promotes social cohesion and community resilience, encourages responsible consumption and production for a healthier planet, and provides an opportunity for community members to give back.


Contact Information
Phone: +961 70 159 337
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